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How does one begin to become a watchmaker? Well, apparently, it begins with really menial and mind-numbing tasks such as learning how to look through the loupe with both eyes open and learning to pick up tiny parts with tweezers without dropping and losing them. An interesting read or maybe a warning call for those who aspire to be a watchmaker.

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MB&F has been playing a major role on the stage of high-end watch making for several years now. However, just like with every blockbuster's premier, the public's keen attention is there, but the limelight only shows the final production; and who wouldn't ever wonder just what's going on behind the scenes? In the first segment of this three-part interview, Maximilan Büsser told us about exactly that! We found out how he got involved in the seemingly sleepy world of watch making, and we gained a unique insight into just how difficult it is to get a main character's position.

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Watch Winner Review: MTM Silencer

Watch Winner Review: MTM Silencer

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That said, being the ‘Way Too Many Watches Guy’ allows their owner to play a different game, that of using your watch purely as an accessory to the rest of your outfit. At first I wondered if this might be just a personal weakness but a steady trickle of images from Twitter and Instagram lead me to suspect I am not alone.

Watch recognition has come a long way for sure. Those pesky luxury watch makers usually print their brand names in complicated English, even if the brands themselves aren't based in English speaking countries. No fair! Watch Radar is there to look at your Rolex and tell you that for sure, the name on the dial is Rolex. It can even tell you the model of many watches - now this is progress.

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Max here. I think the Oris Diver GMT (see: maybe a great alternative that is on the low price point side. It has bi-directional bezel and GMT hand and good looks. I have seen and handled it in person at an AD, and I must say I was impressed, especially when you consider the price point: ~00.00.

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Just take a look at their website if you are unfamiliar with the brand, and allow the sleek and clean presentation seduce you into wanting to own one of their watches. I know this, because every single one of the people I have spoken to about Bremont in the UK, references that one experience when a shift occurred that told them that this brand was pretty cool.

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Perhaps this is why they state this analyzer is just for "entertainment purposes" - don't expect to argue with a cop that your watch told you you were good to drive. That means TokyoFlash offers this blanket disclaimer in order to prevent from being sued if the reading is off. That doesn't mean it isn't accurate, but rather that they are trying to limit their liability.

Tech Specs from Breitling:

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We discuss Ikepod and Marc Newson and how they broke up. Greubel Forsey's upcoming Art Piece 1 watch gets mulled over and why we think it might be worth the million price tag. Also, what the presidential candidate (and the President) are wearing on their wrist.

One of the A-T features I like a lot is time zone changes. Pull the crown out one stop, rotate to select your new timezone, push it back in and the hands move. Done, and you can even manage it without taking the watch off. My older model has the same feature, implemented with buttons, and I still love it for jet travel days.

You will note, looking at the movement, that it consists of many little bridges, all mounted in a way that provides glimpses into the mechanism. There is something quite organic and luxurious about these bridges in the way that they are arranged, and I am told that this will be a signature look of all Gronefeld watches in the future. The finishing process for so many bridges is obviously more time-consuming, but for the view, it is definitely worth it... (more »)

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Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 124 here.

Some people also like using those ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that use vibrations under water to loosen dirt, but this is only recommended for bracelets once you have removed them from the watch head. You don't need any fancy chemicals for these machines, just make sure the water is very hot and you have penty of washing-up liquid to break down any grease. Be aware that oils in the skin soften the edges of any scratches on the glass and these may be more noticable and look sharper after you clean your watch. In fact, unscrupulous second hand watch sellers used to rub some grease from the sides of their noses over the glass before handing the watch to a client to hide the worst scratches in exactly this way!!!