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A True Oddity: The Omega Speedmaster Hackett

Citizen Perpetual Chrono AT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass & Perpetual Calendar Watch Reviews Wrist Time Reviews

The standard Pulsion watches are all chronographs and contain the same RD680 automatic chronograph movements with a micro-rotor that other models such as the Monegasque Chronograph contain. These movements also bear the Seal of Geneva and are COSC certified. Unfortunately the final versions were not ready for the SIHH show so these pieces don't yet have the movements inside of them. I look forward to seeing how the final retail version looks with the RD680 inside of it. For the Pulsion Chronograph there are three models available for 2012. Two in titanium (one with black DLC coating), and one in 18k pink gold.

The Best & The Brightest: Breitling Watches

« DeLorean-DNA » medallion engraved on the case back

The AM3 Legionnaire features all of the details which make March LA.B watches stand out in the fray, like their uniquely styled screw-down crown, green date text and rear crystal, and custom decorated movement. Refreshingly, March LA.B has opted to use the more expensive ETA 2892 Swiss automatic movement as opposed to the more common 2824-2. The 2892 is one of the best mass produced movements available to a small brand like March LA.B. The same base movement was, for example, used by Omega for their  calibre 1120 and later used as the base for their co-axial calibre 2500. With a watch that carries an above-entry-level price, it is certainly nice to see that they are taking advantage of the availability of the 2892 and sourcing a premium movement. The AM3 Legionnaire's domed crystal is sapphire and features an anti-reflective treatment, while the rear display crystal sports a sapphire coating and March LA.B's unique green tint.

Attached to the Mekon watch is a leather strap and each of the models are limited editions (of either 2,000 or 3,000 pieces). Many people will enjoy the novel look of the watch and the relatively affordable price. The Storm Mekon piece will range from between 9.99 - 9.99 in price. Currently they are exclusively available via Watchismo.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold Watches Hands-On

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold Watches Hands-On

Watch Collection Essentials: Luxury Strap Watches

A new limited edition version of the Hamilton Ventura XXL watch will be worn by major characters in the new Men In Black III (3) movie that will open this month. I believe that previous Men In Black (MIB) movies also featured other versions of the famous Ventura watch. This newest version is the Ventura XXL model in polished steel, and it is a limited edition.

As you  can see steel is very good, but where titanium actually pulls ahead is in terms of lightness (weight). It is circa half the weight of steel for the same volume with a density of 4.5 g/cc vs 7.8 for steels. So for a case that has the same strength, titanium case would be half the weight of a high strength steel case. And actually very high strength steels are almost never used in watches (they are used for aircraft components and tools for industry). Stainless steel is widely used, and it has lower strength (unless it is forged, which is again almost never used in watch industry). So a titanium case would be less than half the weight for the same strength.

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch Watch Releases

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Price wise, MARCH LA.B timepieces still represent a good value. With unique, quality designs, these are interesting watches from a brand that will likely continue to improve. These aren't mainstream watches, but they are watches that you don't need to explain to mainstream folk. The MARCH LA.B AM2 Bordeaux retails for ,895.

JS Watch Frisland God Special Edition With Eyjafjallajökull Ashes

JS Watch Frisland God Special Edition With Eyjafjallajökull Ashes

Christopher Ward is producing just 250 examples of the C900 Single Pusher with a list price of £2,450 (~75), which is a truly astounding price for a mechanical monopusher chronograph. Consider the Bell and Ross WWI Monopusher which sells for ~00 USD, the Longines L27764213 Single Push-Piece Column Wheel Chronograph at 50, or even the Corum Centro Monopusher which will set you back around ,000. The monopusher chronograph is a rare and expensive complication so it's noteworthy that Christopher Ward has produced one, let alone an example for less than four thousand dollars and still backed by a five year warranty. For those in the market for an interesting, rare and great looking watch, the Christopher Ward C900 should definitely make the cut.

There is also the matter of the moon phase. It is a retrograde style moon phase indicator that has the moon moving back and forth versus in one continuous revolution on a disc. The photo realistic moon phase disc is said to be hand-painted by local artists in Le Locle Switzerland. Last, the moon phase indicator is accurate to 122 years or so given that it sets the moon phase by its more true cycle of 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes. Most less expensive moon phase indicators have the cycle set to 29.5 days.

In kind, Rolex Perpetual Replica new watch

The second element of this larger idea is related to product. If people have this new found idea to buy watches for kids, then they need to have a good idea of what to buy. It is true that many watches out there right now would be good for kids, but I really think they either needed to be touted as such, or at least packaged as such. Most kid's watches should be smaller than those for full-grown adults, less expensive, but at the same time items that assert similar values. If you want to buy clothes or toys for a kid, you know where to go. If you want to buy a watch, you are much more on your own. The industry needs to package the concept much better. This means new ranges of watches for kids or repackaging existing products for kids. Don’t make the consumer work too hard to find the right item. Give them easy choices that range from fun to formal, sporty to silly. And make them more mainstream. Brands like Swatch are an obvious choice to start all this.

A few websites online seem to disagree as to the movement used in this watch. Gevril however makes it clear that the Corsaro uses the Technosablier SEDD3C6912 caliber. The what? I have never even heard of movement maker Technosablier up to this point. Google their name and visit their website. You'll get a laugh. They claim the movements are Swiss made but I would put money against it. My feelings are that all Technosablier movements are made in China - with perhaps some final assembly in Switzerland (and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt). While the layout does remind you of the popular Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750, the movement itself looks like some other Chinese movements I have seen. I have no idea what the quality of these movements are - but I can say that it won't be as good at the 7750 or its Sellita clone the SW500.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Mad for Reverso watch is a fun way to enjoy Mad Men off the screen. As I mentioned, it is a highly limited piece. Only 25 will be made at a price of ,450.

Luminox Field Day Date 1820 Black Watch Review

Luminox Field Day Date 1820 Black Watch Review