Reference 145.022 Speedmaster Professional from 1982

Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67

Mk II watches show up on from time to time because we like to cover their unique business model. Rather than dance around the idea of producing watches which are inspired by the past as many brands do, Mk II makes a point of it. In 2002, founder Bill Yao started the company to offer parts and customization services for watches that people wanted to modify. Later, he ended that part of the business to focus entirely on Mk II brand timepieces. The Fulcrum is among his most ambitious watches yet.

Tudor Heritage Ranger Watch Review  Wrist Time Reviews Tudor Heritage Ranger Watch Review  Wrist Time Reviews

In addition to the strength of a reinforced stainless steel case, the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX watch collection has specially produced dials and hands which are designed to withstand forms of shock and vibration that would permanently destroy less durable timepieces. The company positions the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX watches as leader in timepiece durability, as an extension of the brand's core values of producing products that are "Made To Last" including its other timepieces as well as its cutlery, pocket knives, and luggage.

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Based on the standard Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial watch (hands-on here), the piece unique Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Gold for Goldfinger has a unique 18k yellow gold dial, with matching case and bracelet. Given that it is part of the Omega James Bond collection, you can see the "007" logo as the counterweight of the seconds hand on the dial. The dial is also a unique design for Omega, given the natural gold surface motif. On the rear of the watch, there is additional "Goldfinger" branding on the caseback, as well as the automatic rotor.

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Pure Classic Watch Watch Releases

The new law is expected to enter into effect on Jan 1, 2017. From then on, all "Swiss Made" watches will have to be manufactured in compliance with the new industry ordinance: the “Swiss Made” designation will no longer apply to the just watch movement, but will apply instead to the entire watch (with a possible exception of the strap/bracelet), whereas at least 60% of the watch’s manufacturing costs will have to be realized in Switzerland, with the watch, of course, also being assembled there. A jump from 50 to 60 percent may not sound like much – especially if we consider that it will have taken nearly an entire decade for the legislative organizations to conceive, approve, and implement the updates – but it will make a difference.

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Ariel Adams: You've presented a lot of very interesting smartwatch concept designs with your HD3 brand logo. Tell us about some of these designs and what people might miss at a first glance?

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JK: Mr. Richon had special drawers with many watches in new-old stock condition. He showed me a Constellation Grand Luxe that was from the '50s, but like brand new, with original bracelet and pie-pan dial. I remember that watch very well - a beautiful piece!

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Sure, tourbillons and perpetuals are rightfully desirable features in any and all mechanical watches, but as far as complications go, minute repeaters are in a class of their own. Emitting chimes of various tones in varying degrees of loudness, the minute repeater "repeats" the hours, quarters and minutes, at any given time, when the wearer initiates the function via a slider or pusher. As to its invention, the English currently hold the claim to fame. The Reverend Edward Barlow is accepted as the inventor of the first repeating clock, as far back in time as 1676. Much like most inventions that had centuries to develop, the repeater too started out as a rather simple construction that comprised a rack and snail mechanism.

My First Grail Watch:  Jonathan Ward Of ICON Automotive My First Grail Watch

Eterna Royal KonTiki Chronograph GMT Watch Debuts With New Movement Watch Releases

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Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Vintage Black Review

The Mexican and South American watch aficionado is a curiously surprising entity, and it was, in fact, a pleasure to be around them. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Spanish-speaking watch lovers I encountered was their incredible interest in details and mechanics above things like status and brand. In Asia, for example, brand and lifestyle are often of paramount importance. Buyers often select a brand they wish to associate with first, and a model later. Brands are selected for what they represent in regard to success, good fortune, taste, lifestyle habits, and longevity. It is as though many (not all) Asian watch buyers seek status through what they surround themselves with, and that begins with the message a brand is able to deliver. In Mexico, branding isn't unimportant, but it isn't all that seems to drive the interest of timepiece fans. Mexico City's Watch Show: What The SIAR Is Like Shows & Events

If you are a Ferrari owner and you want a watch that best matches you car, your best bet is Hublot. The simple reason being that Hublot is the official watchmaker for Ferrari. Already, Hublot has made a couple of really interesting pieces for Ferrari and one of my personal favorites is the MP-05 LaFerrari watch, which has a bonkers 50 days worth of power reserve. And then there are the various Big Bang Ferrari watches, some of which are actually very nice too, such as this limited edition model specially produced for the Hublot boutique in Los Angeles. The combination of blue and red is simply stunning.

Power reserve: 48 hours

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Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica For Men Really

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A one-of-a-kind, solid 18k yellow gold Omega watch produced in honor of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond 007 Goldfinger film from 1964 recently sold for 106,000 Swiss Francs (about 3,000) via an online Christie's James Bond auction earlier today, on September 17th, 2014. That is interesting because the amount is about eight times the retail value of the watch (even though there never will be a retail version of this watch), and it is said to have been the highest yielding item of the auction (see Christie's Goldfinger The 50th Anniversary auction here). The auction estimate for the watch was 8,000 - 12,000 GBP and it went for 70,000 GBP.

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Buzz Aldrin's Omega Speedmaster Professional

Although the smart watch industry has a separate market than that of the mechanical watch enthusiasts, it should be interesting to see how far this technology will get in its quest to become as standard a device as a phone is. Being a mechanical watch lover, one thing that I am excited about with the smart watch development is the potential for unique or custom watch interfaces. Fine watches with unique time displays are incredible to look at, although they usually come at a price which is out of reach to most. Although nothing can beat a mechanical masterpiece, giving a smart watch a bit of character when displaying the time could be rather interesting. Not only would it give developers and designers the opportunity to make some incredible looking time displays, but we can expect with some time and determination these once artificial time displays could be brought to life in a mechanical watch.

aBlogToWatch: So are you going back to Geneva this coming January to represent IWC at the 25th anniversary of The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie?

Now, very recently, we have been seeing a developing trend where some brands are tuning down their "non plus ultra" models, ridding them from the tourbillon, but leaving all other design elements – which made these pieces great – intact. This allows brands to deliver their trademark models to a (somewhat) wider audience – Richard Mille could arguably be considered to be one of the more successful brands who started offering some of its top references without tourbillons, say, for example, with the "Baby Nadal" and "Baby Bubba" pieces.

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