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That may not sound like much, after all Antoine Martin’s Slow Runner also has a dead seconds hand courtesy of its 1Hz movement. What makes the Instrument CTB stand out is that it is also a chronograph and that its dead seconds hand is mounted centrally along with the regular running seconds hand.

Now, 51-year-old Dan Spitz took a break from music in 1995, after leaving the band Anthrax to become a watchmaker. He attended the prestigious WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland. Spitz eventually returned to music in the early 2000s, but remains a very special type of celebrity watch lover because of his watchmaker training. Spitz has flirted with the idea of working with a few timepiece brands, and it seems to have worked out with Jeanrichard, who while not new, is up-and-coming in the sport watch segment after a clever price-drop a few years ago when they announced that they would use more base Swiss ETA movements versus in-house made calibers.

The beginning of World War I turned the industry inside out as most supplier firms quit making watches or other components and started using their machines and human resources to produce and sell ammunition. Since demand had been much greater for ammo than for fine watches, this was a rather obvious decision. Once the war was over though there was no need for such immense amounts of bullets and all these firms wanted to return to their normal activity to make ébauches and components again. And so they did, causing a sudden oversupply of their products. They all acted independently of one another as there were no powerful groups or authorities to control them. Consequently, it was much too late when they realized that the demand from watch making companies for such a vast amount of parts or ébauches was greatly insufficient.

Chapter One - unsurprisingly - is the watch with which it all began for the brand. To learn more about its not-so-basic details, take a look at what Ariel wrote about the piece back in 2008. In essence, Peter Speake-Marin and Christophe Claret collaborated with Roger Dubuis on developing a very unique offering, something that would mean a powerful, yet elegant starting point for Maitres du Temps. They created an extremely complex movement with a tourbillon, monopusher chronograph, date and GMT, as well as moon phase and day indicators displayed on special rollers placed between the lugs of the watch. All this was housed in a tonneau shaped case - probably the most brutal of its kind - with a width of 46 and a lug-to-lug size of 62 millimeters.

I would like to begin by thanking Maurice Lacroix for offering this watch for the monthly give away contest and aBlogtoWatch for running the contest and selecting me as the winner. One might think that nobody ever wins online contests, but I am here to tell you I was happily proven wrong.

What happens if you get a mechanical movement wet? What would a professional do to correct this issue and what are some things one could do at home?

What Can a Watchmaker Do?

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...into this:

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The J12 was originally released in white or black ceramic in (I believe) a few different sizes. Over the years Chanel expanded the J12 collection with additional sizes (smaller actually) and a few more complicated models such as a chronograph and later a GMT as well as moon phase model. Yes a tourbillon was also available, as well as unique J12 model with an Audemars Piguet movement in it. That was probably enough because Chanel was selling J12s for their good looks and prestigious name. Wearing a Chanel watch is really a no-brainer for women, but what about for men?

Thanks to the leadership of both Mr Hayek Sr and Nick Jr, I managed to learn about the industry and its inner-works. From there, I continued to evolve within the SG organization in Swatch (when Michele Sofisti became President), Swiss Timing and as Head of SG Sports Marketing. I then joined the Binda Group when Michele was in charge of the restructuring of the start-up brand Wyler Geneve.

Water resistant to 300 meters, the Longines Heritage Diver is a rather capable sport watch. There is healthy amount of lume on the dial, as is there 1970s styling, which can sometimes mean "too much color." Nevertheless, the dial of the Heritage Diver is still very functional. Over the dial is an AR-coated sapphire crystal, and I hope that red color isn't quite as bright in person. Actually, if the red was faded or had a bit of an aged look I think it might look a bit nicer.

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The most masterful of masterpieces among the watches that F.P. Journe produces is perhaps his famed Sonnerie Souveraine. The watch combines a trinity of musical complications in an innovative movement that focuses on beauty as much as it does simplicity and durability. If there was ever a "beater minute repeater" it is the Sonnerie Souveraine. Completed in around 2005, as of 2013, only about 30 of the watches have been produced. This particular piece is F.P. Journe's personal model, and he wears it everywhere - even if he has a different model watch he is promoting that is worn on his opposite wrist.

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Breguet Classique Chronometrie 7277 10Hz Watch Gets Refined, Hands-On

Further, major brands such as Patek Philippe make most of their money by selling quartz-movement equipped ladies watches with diamonds. The margins on these timepieces are much higher than mechanical ones and if the female watch buyer market is perceived as wanting the simplicity and convenience of a quartz movement over a mechanical movement... brands will continue to rely on the income from these higher margin products.

One of Kari Voutilainen’s newest watches is the Voutilainen GMT Six O’clock, so-called because of its GMT complication. Unlike most GMT watches which feature a fourth hand, this watch instead uses a 24 hour disc that is integrated into the subsidiary seconds sub dial at six o’clock. Very discrete and classy. Nothing less than what you’d expect from one of the world’s foremost independent watchmakers.

Pebble gets the time from the phone when pairing is established. It notifies you of incoming calls, text messages, and emails, and any other app notifications you wish to enable. It permits you to change the watch face, and it acts as a remote control for the music player on the phone. SMS, text, and email notifications work reliably, especially since Pebble integrated email checking into their application. Other notifications work, but don't always work reliably. They need to be toggled off and on in iOS settings in order to re-enable them to push to the iPhone. This applies to iOS 6, and may change in iOS 7 when released. For Android users, the situation is a little more smooth but requires using one of the many third party notification forwarder applications. in iOS, whatever active media player happens to be playing, Pebble will control it. One of the good things about the notification implementation is that notifications arrive on the watch nearly instantly, without any lag between phone and wrist. The screen has a very wide viewing angle, so glancing at the wrist while driving for a split second is easy and not distracting. Pebble gets this right.

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Pebble's music player makes controlling the music playing on the phone easy.

This isn't the first time that Kari Voutilainen has worked with Japanese national treasure and legendary lacquer artist Kitamura Tatsuo, otherwise known as "Unryuan." Kitamura's crafts take many different forms, and when he works with Voutilainen, it is often for carefully hand-assembled mosaic dials that combine a range of natural elements and materials such as gold and mollusk shells. This watch is called the Voutilainen 28 Hisui, which is Japanese for jade, and looking at the dial colors of the Voutilainen 28 Hisui, it is easy to tell why.

The 1969 Heavy Metal collection of watches by Romain Jerome present not only a fresh case design, but also timepieces with silicon dials. Actually, the four models for 2014 include three versions with silicon dials, and one with a meteorite dial. Of course, when looking at the piece at a glance they all have the distinctive look of meteorite dials, but actually only the silver-colored dial is meteorite.