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The Ressence Type 3 is a very unusual watch both in terms of design and movement. The entire dial is bathed in liquid so that the indications appear to be melded into the sapphire crystal. Additionally, there are no actual hands on the dial. The entire dial is made up of numerous sub-dials and the hands are actually painted on the sub-dial itself. Furthermore, the sub-dials are not fixed, rather they move and as they do, they indicate the time. The best way to see how this really interesting watch works is to check out our hands-on on the original Ressence watch here .

The outer case may carry the same skeletonised design that we've seen on past SpidoLite models, but it is now produced out of extremely light and strong forged carbon. The design then branches off to create two distinct variations including the Gold, which is fitted with an 18k rose rose gold bezel and crown, or the Green, which has a stealthy black ceramic bezel and a titanium crown that has been treated to a ceramic coating. The movement used for the SpidoLite II Tech is the same LW 04 used in other SpidoLite II models and is manufactured for Linde Werdelin by the Swiss movement maker Concepto.

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The L-Evolution Split Seconds Flyback Chronograph watch case is very nicely detailed and available in either lightly (satin) brushed 18k red or white gold. I think a titanium case option would have made a ton of sense. The case is 43mm wide (water resistant to 100 meters) and includes a carbon fiber bezel to match the carbon fiber dial and carbon fiber elements in the strap. This is the first time in a long time (perhaps ever) that I have seen something like carbon fiber being matched with gold. Unlike some of the wildly unbalanced dials of some of the other Blancpain L-Evolution sport watches, this one is relatively balanced and attractive. So much that the curious large "9" and "12" o'clock hour indicators aren't that off-putting.

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Bell & Ross had a strong collection of new watches for 2013 at Baselworld this year. My personal favorite model is the BR 126 Blackbird (UPDATE: Bell & Ross has officially changed the name of the watch to the "Bell & Ross BR 126 Flyback"), a limited edition model with a personality that is meant to honor the origin of Bell & Ross as a brand. At first glance, this watch might look like just another color variation in the BR 126 collection, but it is not that at all. Let's first consider the beginnings of Bell & Ross back in the 1990s...

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So, going back to your question. A minute repeater is named as such because it "repeats" the minutes and hours to you. We, and many others, consider minute repeaters to be the most complicated of all watch complications. They use more parts and are more complicated to assemble than most tourbillons, though tourbillons have a constant visual appeal making them more popular. Minute repeaters cannot be produced in mass quantities given how each needs to be finely regulated to sound best. They are usually activated with a slider, that while pushing it, also winds a spring to power the repeater mechanism that lasts for about 20 seconds or less.


Hours and minutes in the centre
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
1-counter chronograph:
-Central chronograph hand
-60-minute counter at 6 o’clock
Day and month at 3 o’clock
Date indicator at 6 o’clock

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Sapphire crystals:

As a sporty dive watch, the Zhuke is a rather capable and good looking option. The 44-45mm wide case is water resistant to 500 meters and has a helium release valve to boot. You have a rotating diver's bezel with lume indicators, and I like the bronze on bronze look of the case and bezel. Because bronze is a poor choice for a crown and caseback (not good to have bronze making prolonged contact with skin), the caseback is in steel while the crown is PVD black with the Longio logo etched into it. Longio offers the Zhuke with either an olive green or black dial. I was intrigued by the green dial as it paired well with the bronze color, but in the end opted for a more classic black dial.

So why am I seemingly going off on a tangent while discussing a watch without any ceramic parts (actually that isn’t entirely true), because Powerlite comes in blue! A color that you simply don’t find very often in case materials. It also comes in olive green and black. Now let me just say that while I appreciate the olive drab color that will appeal to your friendly and fashionable neighborhood militia member, I just don’t think it is going to be one of the top sellers. There isn’t anything wrong with it, but aside from playing an olive in a martini commercial, it feels particularly niche.

The following article was written by Andrew E. who accompanied aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams on a trip to Geneva to build a watch with Frederique Constant. This is his account of the experience and you can read Ariel Adams' full account of "What It's Like To Build A Watch" here. We thank Andrew for recounting his experience and sharing his mutual passions for watches:

The recessed chronograph subdials are attractive and have a hard-to-notice snailed texture. The result of the subdials being on a different level is pleasant to the eye. I also like the gold hands and hour markers, but feel that Montblanc designers used a bit too much red on the dial. In my opinion just a little bit less red would have resulted in a more timeless look. Having said that, it is a very legible and attractive dial. It also feels a bit more instrumental than some of the more fashionable Timewalker dials.

These new ultra-techie looking G-Shock models sacrifice a bit of legibility for style. The non lume-coated hands are neat looking but not ultra easy to see all the time. They are also a bit too short for the dial. Having said that, you can also optionally read the time on one of the small LCD displays - though you'll be squinting at times in order to do so. The default settings for the dial allows you to have the time and date available to you all the time which is convenient. Casio of course includes a load of extra features for you to use. We don't always like using some of Casio's more in-depth features on models with these smaller screens, but the full functionality is there.

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A sunburst silver-toned dial featuring numbers at three of the dial’s four cardinal points is complimented by Dauphine hands indicating the hours and minutes with a baton-type seconds hand. Inside the 39mm case is the in-house caliber 899 automatic movement featuring a 43 hour power reserve and utilizing new technologies such as ceramic ball bearings and with its 22K gold rotor visible through the sapphire case back. The Master Control is a dress watch that represents great value and is also suitable for semi-formal, and sometimes casual occasions. Prices for the stainless steel version start at ,000.

There can be no doubt about the fact that a true manufacture will always live up to its name and with unceasing dedication and aspire to extend its previous boundaries. Just as it is seen here in this magnificent case of the Gyrotourbillon. For these select houses, no matter how wonderful, how mind-boggling their latest creation might have been, years cannot go past without a handful of masterminds working secretly somewhere, in a most detached atelier, on the next great chapter in mechanical timekeeping…

So that ultra-good deal you are getting online might be for something that is technically new, but doesn't look it. The dealer selling it bought it for pennies on the dollar and is probably happy to sell it for a 60% off or lower discount. The complex system of dealers, distributors, subsidiaries, etc... will vastly increase the prices of these low-volume items. A brand that sells 50,000 mechanical watches a year is doing pretty well. But that is nothing compared to a million or more units a year. That means that each watch must be marked up high-enough to make a profit, unlike smaller margins on units which sell at much higher volumes. The end result is that the price to value equation to the consumer is relatively low given all the pieces that take a cut.

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There is another automotive tie-in, albeit an unintentional one, I'm sure.  The MP-06 only has a water resistance rating of 30m, so it's not supposed to be exposed to much more than a splash.  So, much like a high-revving race car, you'll want to head for the pits at the first sight of water (no, rain tires for watches aren't a thing).

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